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Welcome to My Portfolio!

What keeps me painting is the different emotions and connections such treasures can bring to an individual! 

As a professional artist, I have dedicated years to the arts and am constantly seeking innovative ways to challenge and develop new skills. Explore this digital portfolio and discover when those special pieces were created, what they were inspired by, or learn more about their medium.

If there is interest to place an order or custom inquiries, they are welcomed, please contact me.


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Acrylic Portfolio


Follow my crazy journey called life!

Artist Statement

Carrie Baldwin

Carrie Baldwin

I remember being a child and gazing in wonder at the Aurora Borealis, smelling flowers, and late night drives to catch the sunset, I feel so delighted for the opportunity to recreate and share such memories through my art. Inspiration comes from memories, landscapes and grandmas garden of course! Everywhere and anywhere can trigger my creative ideas, my specific style comes out naturally as I paint.

Time stands still when in creative mode; I paint on hardboard or canvas in acrylic paint and thickening mediums, applying texture using a pallet knife (Impasto). I am fascinated with the feeling of a piece created by delicate balances. I find myself drawn towards texture and contrast, which makes up the majority of my paintings. Liking my art to have movement and ambiance, be fun but intense with emotion, I work quickly and intuitively. The interaction of glossy contrast and depth is what makes my paintings unique.

In the end, it is the viewers connection and their emotional experience with my art that matters, It is the process of creating something with my hands, that someone will find their own fulfillment with which fuels my passion and keeps me doing what I love.


- Gandhi

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